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Low Cost Airline - Low Cost Flight :

Our lowest fares
How can I get the best value fare?
Why not try our on-line Low Fare Finder. Our cheapest fares are generally available for people travelling during off peak periods, especially mid week and outside school holiday dates. Generally, the further in advance you book the better chance you have of obtaining the best prices. Our weekend fares tend to be higher than our midweek fares. All fares booked on-line include exclusive on-line discounts. Bookings made through our Call Centre do not attract the on-line discounts. Like most airlines, we run promotions from time to time but to secure the flight dates of your choice we always recommend booking early. Whilst we appreciate that it may be frustrating if a fare you have booked in advance has been reduced in price, due to a promotional offer, there are many occasions that booking in advance secures you not only a fare you are satisfied with but, in addition, the dates that you require. We would continue to advise that in order to ensure you can travel on specified dates, within your budget, you book fares in advance.

How come the price has gone up since I last checked?
Seats are sold on a first come, first served basis and fares generally increase as seats are sold. For the best deals, book early and be flexible when you travel.

Are your prices guaranteed?
Our booking system is live and this means that we are not able to guarantee prices until the booking process has been completed, payment taken and a confirmation issued. We cannot offer quotes as availability is constantly changing as we can have several hundred customers on-line at any one time, making provisional bookings. In circumstances where a booking does not complete because the seats at the particular fare you wanted have been sold to someone else before your transaction completed, our appointed payment provider will automatically issue a refund to your payment card for the full transaction cost within minutes.

Do you ever reduce fares nearer to the travel date? continually review the number and availability of different fares. The closer you get to the flight date, the more likely that availability of seats at the lower fares will be vastly reduced, thus the ticket price could be higher. To obtain the lowest possible fare we recommend booking as early as possible. We reserve the right to amend our pricing structure or offer special offers and promotions at any time, but these are unlikely to be for peak travel times.

If taxes and charges increase after I book my flights what will happen?
If Governments or airport authorities impose increases or additional taxes and charges that will be in affect on the date of travel, the airline is responsible for collecting these on behalf of these bodies. We will notify you by email at least 5 days before debiting your payment card with the increased charges. Please be assured that no payment card fee will be levied in these circumstances. If your payment card is no longer valid, a Call Centre agent will contact you by telephone to request your new payment card details. If you object to any increases in government tax we suggest you contact your Member of Parliament to explain your viewpoint.

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