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Low Cost Flights : From London to Brussels (Charleroi) - Derry -Dinard - Dublin -Maribor (Slovenia) -Milan (Bergamo) -Oslo (Torp) - Shannon -Turin -Vitoria (Bilbao) ...

Fares include taxes, fees & charges

From London (Stansted)
£ 10.00Brussels (Charleroi) NEW

£ 10.00Derry

£ 10.00Dinard

£ 10.00Dublin

£ 10.00Maribor (Slovenia) NEW

£ 10.00Milan (Bergamo)

£ 10.00Oslo (Torp)

£ 10.00Shannon

£ 10.00Turin

£ 10.00Vitoria (Bilbao)

More air fares

From London (Stansted)

from from from
10.00Aarhus 10.00Bremen 10.00Brussels (Charleroi) NEW 10.00Derry 10.00Dinard 10.00Dublin 10.00Düsseldorf (Weeze) 10.00Eindhoven 10.00Esbjerg 10.00Glasgow (Prestwick) 10.00Hamburg (Lübeck) 10.00Kerry 10.00La Rochelle 10.00Maribor (Slovenia) NEW 10.00Milan (Bergamo) 10.00Oslo (Torp) 10.00Shannon 10.00Tours Loire Valley 10.00Turin 10.00Valladolid 10.00Vitoria (Bilbao) 15.00Altenburg (Leipzig) 15.00Berlin (Schonefeld) 15.00Biarritz 15.00Bologna (Forli) 15.00Frankfurt (Hahn) 15.00Karlsruhe-Baden 15.00Malmö 15.00Montpellier 15.00Nantes (Brittany) 15.00Pau (Pyrenees) 15.00Rodez 15.00Santander 15.00Zadar (Croatia) 15.00Zaragoza (Pyrenees) 20.00Alghero (Sardinia) 20.00Balaton (Hungary) 20.00Barcelona (Reus) 20.00Bergerac 20.00Carcassonne 20.00Cork 20.00Gothenburg City 20.00Klagenfurt 20.00Palma Mallorca 20.00Parma 20.00Perpignan 20.00Poitiers 20.00Porto 20.00Salzburg 20.00Santiago De Comp. 20.00Seville 25.00Alicante 25.00Almeria 25.00Ancona 25.00Barcelona (Girona) 25.00Bari 25.00Blackpool 25.00Bratislava (Vienna) 25.00Brindisi 25.00Brno 25.00Bydgoszcz 25.00Friedrichshafen 25.00Gdañsk 25.00Genoa 25.00Granada 25.00Graz 25.00Grenoble Lyon 25.00Haugesund 25.00Jerez 25.00Kaunas 25.00Knock-IrelandWest 25.00Krakow 25.00Lamezia 25.00Limoges 25.00Linz 25.00Lodz 25.00Marseille Provence MP2 25.00Murcia (Alicante) 25.00Newquay 25.00Palermo 25.00Perugia 25.00Pescara 25.00Pisa (Florence) 25.00Poznañ 25.00Pula (Istria)(Croatia) 25.00Riga 25.00Rome (Ciampino) 25.00Rzeszów 25.00Stockholm 25.00Stockholm 25.00Szczecin 25.00Tampere 25.00Toulon St. Tropez 25.00Trieste 25.00Valencia 25.00Venice (Treviso) 25.00Verona (Brescia) 25.00Wroclaw

From London (Luton)

from from from
10.00Dublin 10.00Milan (Bergamo) 15.00Brest 20.00Barcelona (Girona) 20.00Barcelona (Reus) 20.00Knock-IrelandWest 20.41Murcia (Alicante) 20.41Nîmes 20.41Rome (Ciampino) 25.01Malta (Luqa) 55.01Fez 55.01Marrakesh


This offer is valid only for return flight bookings made on between Wednesday 9 th May to Tuesday 12 th June 2007 inclusive.

Should a passenger find a cheaper return fare on a qualifying route with another airline than the quoted Ryanair fare for that itinerary, then Ryanair will pay “double the difference*” between the air fare paid to Ryanair and the lower fare quoted on another carrier.

The return fare quoted will include all mandatory taxes, fees and charges, but will exclude credit/debit card fees, baggage fees, web check-in/priority boarding fees or any other optional fees.

In order to qualify for the “double the difference*” guarantee, a passenger must book a return flight on and then submit the claim using the attached form (English only) to within 1 hour of making the booking.

Should a claimant for any reason fail to submit the claim form within 1 hour of making the booking on, then that claim will be deemed as late and will be disregarded for the purposes of this promotion.

Claims will only be accepted where both the departure times of the competitor airline flights are within 1 hour of the original booked Ryanair flight departure times.

A screen print of the competitor’s offered fare (including all mandatory taxes, fees and charges) must be emailed with the claim form. Ryanair will then verify the “competitor fare” within 1 hour of receipt (only during office hours: 9am-5pm Monday to Friday). If the ‘competitor fare’ cannot be verified on the internet then the claim will be invalid.

Claims can only be made for flights where there this is a direct city pair comparison. This includes only airports that have the same city designation as defined by IATA (International Air Transport Association). For example, claims will be accepted from competitor flights operating to/from the five IATA designated London Airports (Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton and City) and the designated airports in Glasgow which are Glasgow International and Glasgow Prestwick. Claims will not be accepted where flights are departing to/from city airports that are not IATA designated e.g. Girona and Barcelona’s El Prat Airport.

Once the claim has been verified by Ryanair staff, the claimant will be notified by email within 24 hours (Monday to Friday) of the acceptance or rejection of their claim. In the case of successful claims, the relevant “double the difference*” sum will be processed within 5 working days to the credit/debit card account provided at the time of booking.

Ryanair’s decision in relation to all claims will be final.

Ryanair reserves the right to amend or discontinue this promotion at any time by giving 24 hour notice to that effect, at its sole discretion.
*In the case of successful claims, Ryanair will pay the passenger double the difference between any competitor’s lower return fare and Ryanair’s quoted return fare for the same itinerary (see above). Each claim will be subject to a maximum cap of €100 (GBP £70) or local currency equivalent per return passenger journey. Therefore where the difference between Ryanair’s return fare and the cheaper competitor fare exceeds €50 (GBP £35) or local currency equivalent, the maximum amount payable by Ryanair in such cases will be capped at €100 (GBP £70) or local currency equivalent.

Notre Comparateur de vols Low Cost, vous permet de trouver un autre vol Low Cost ou un billet d'avion pas cher via une compagnie aérienne Low Cost autre que Ryanair

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