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Farmer Jack Supermarkets Re-launches 'Savings Time' Value Campaign As Company Returns Cost-Cutting Savings To Consumers

DETROIT, May 5 - Since late 2005, Farmer Jack executives in partnership with parent company, The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company (A&P), have embarked upon an important, cost-cutting, job saving campaign to bring back the energy of metro Detroit's own Farmer Jack Supermarkets.

No one understands these collective efforts more than Tom Lenkevich, Farmer Jack Divisional Vice-President of Operations, who now leads the team of dedicated associates who are rolling up their sleeves to get down to the basics of supermarket business. They are providing the direction for improved customer service, quality fresh merchandise in all departments and perhaps more importantly, value. As the result of the investment in cost cutting is becoming clear, Farmer Jack management has reached back into history to reintroduce an important and very successful price cutting advertising strategy.

According to Lenkevich, "We have a customer focused plan of action to welcome customers into our stores, let them know that we are providing good value, day in and day out, fresh goods and price point savings."

"Today, as Farmer Jack re-introduces our historic 'Savings Time' value pricing campaign, we have lowered the prices of over 4000 items. The 'Savings Time' message was clearly top of mind when it was created in 1995 to support the company's then hard driving savings story," added Lenkevich. "In 2006, this program is even more important to our customers and to our employees, who along with Farmer Jack Supermarkets, have deep roots in our southeastern Michigan communities. We are proud to drive home this message and to return to a continuing mission of saving people money with 'It's Always Savings Time at Farmer Jack.'"

As an important component of the "Savings Time" campaign, on April 1, 2006, Farmer Jack announced the return of the company's popular Bonus Savings Card (BSC). This card, in addition to special features including price focus family-sized "Jack Packs" in targeted merchandise categories, provide customers with the tools to maximize their savings at Farmer Jack stores. "If first response is any indication of consumer reaction to the re-introduction of the BSC card, we are very encouraged," continued Lenkevich. "We are now welcoming over half a million new card holders to the Farmer Jack family and building our numbers each week."

The "It's Always Savings Time at Farmer Jack" campaign will break on Saturday, May 6, 2006, and will be supported by an aggressive advertising program including weekly hot circulars, radio and truck signage. According to recent research, many Michigan shoppers still have the "Savings Time" jingle in their minds. In fact, a native of Detroit now living in California recently emailed Farmer Jack to request a copy of the jingle so he could download it into his computer for access to a "piece of home!" It is one of the most recognizable "theme songs" in local market advertising history.

The company has seen both strong sales and challenging times. The methodical cost cutting process and consumer outreach is not unlike what is happening in every industry today. Farmer Jack has made many difficult decisions recently: closing unprofitable stores, reducing capital spending and asking loyal union associates for and receiving much appreciated wage concessions which will be restored over the next few years. Taken together, these steps have been instrumental in keeping the majority of Farmer Jack stores open and profitable. All of these actions are contributing to the recent vigor of Farmer Jack, its management teams and its associates.

Source : Farmer Jack Supermarkets

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