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Juniper Networks Certified as a Green Business

SUNNYVALE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 10, 2006--Juniper Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ:JNPR) today announced it is one of the first Sunnyvale businesses to achieve certification as a "Green Business" by the County of Santa Clara, California. The Green Business Program is a voluntary program that recognizes businesses that commit to full compliance with environmental regulations and take steps to prevent pollution, reduce waste, and conserve resources. The certification recognizes Juniper's proven commitment to conserve resources and reduce waste and pollution at its Sunnyvale headquarters.

" The City of Sunnyvale places the well-being of our residents and our environment among our highest priorities. I would like to thank Juniper Networks for being among the first businesses in Sunnyvale to become a certified Green Business. This certification recognizes Juniper's outstanding efforts to increase recycling, prevent pollution and reduce energy and water use. Juniper has truly demonstrated its ongoing commitment to being an environmental leader in our community," commented Ron Swegles, Mayor of Sunnyvale.

Juniper's recognition as a Green Business is the result of a number of key initiatives including:

-- A robust Recycling Program for wood, cardboard, paper, cans & bottles, batteries, electronic waste, metal, and fluorescent lamps. Through its aggressive efforts Juniper diverted over 500 tons of materials from the landfill and has realized savings of over $71,000 over the last two years. This program earned Juniper a WRAP award from the state of California's Waste Reduction Awards Program (WRAP) in 2005.

-- An extensive Alternate Commute Program has been in place since 2000 and includes regular transportation events, employee communications, pre-tax commuter checks, transit subsidies, VTA Eco Passes, bike lockers, showers, guaranteed rides home. The program earned Juniper the United States Environmental Protection Agency's designation as one of the "Best Workplaces for Commuters" and recognition as a Bay Area "Spare the Air Employer."

-- Working with PG&E, Juniper's Phase 1 Energy Conservation initiatives, implemented at the company's Sunnyvale campus, resulted in an average air distribution efficiency gain of between 5% and 10% and an overall annualized reduction of energy savings in excess of $50,000. Implementation of Phase 2 Energy Conservation measures and window film application will begin soon, with a projected estimated annual energy and incentive savings of approximately $200,000.

"The Green Business Program assists businesses in Santa Clara County who are actively protecting the environment," said Greg Van Wassenhove, director of the County of Santa Clara Agriculture and Environmental Management Department. "Certified Green Businesses have proven their commitment to our county's environment by limiting the amount of waste going to the landfills and increasing recycling efforts. Additionally, they have implemented practices that have reduced their energy and water consumption. They are setting an outstanding example for other businesses. We are confident that other companies in Silicon Valley will recognize the environmental and cost benefits of the Green Business Program."

"Juniper Networks is committed to making a significant, positive impact in the communities where we do business. Our Green Business Certification illustrates the company's commitment to support efforts and programs that improve the quality of life in our society," commented Jeff Lindholm, chief marketing officer, Juniper Networks.

About the Green Business Program

The Green Business Program is a free, voluntary program that encourages businesses to go beyond compliance with environmental laws and regulations to implement sustainable practices in business operations, thus improving the environment and the economy of Santa Clara County. The Green Business certification process addresses surface water quality, stormwater protection, pollution prevention, and community education. To achieve certification, businesses must meet environmental compliance requirements and, in addition, must implement measures that go beyond regulatory requirements. Assessments and conservation measures are tailored to fit each business' operations.

About Juniper Networks, Inc.

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