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Patented Financial Controls Offers Challenge to Prove 40% Cost Savings

Patented Financial Controls is offering free tools to explain and prove how significant cost savings can be achieved to reduce costs swiftly and significantly

Chambersburg, PA March 31, 2006 - Targeted Cost Reduction is a very successful way to cut and control corporate spend without sacrificing quality or cutting budgets. When looking to implement cost cutting initiatives, Patented Financial Controls, a 30 year old firm specializing in targeting and reducing corporate expenditures, believes print spend deserves a closer look.

Using a Targeted Cost Reduction program driven by a patented method, Patented Financial Controls is able to achieve and guarantee 40% savings on print spend. Details of attainable savings of 40% or more can be found in a recent article titled “Patented Method Produces Measurable Savings in Cost of Printing.” The article is available free by request at

In addition, a free “Take the Challenge” offer is available to help organizations realize potential savings. Information on that program is also available at the web site.

“Patented Financial Controls invites you to let us prove the viability of our guarantee for significant cost savings by sharing the specifications of past jobs and providing real pricing you would receive through the use of our patented method, “says Kevin W. Long, Division President for Patented Financial Controls.

“The results of these findings permit organizations to finally understand that these savings are not just a pipe-dream, but are truly available through this cost reduction method.”

Patented Financial Controls’ Targeted Cost Reduction program helps identify all enterprise print spend and uses a patented method to produce a guaranteed minimum 40% savings on hard-dollar costs. Long says print spend is being targeted by more and more organizations.

Printing expenditures are being uncovered as a significant spend item as organizations look deeper into their budgets for potential savings and profit enhancement,” Long adds. “Even so, this opportunity is still unrecognized by about 80% of organizations looking for cost cutting initiatives because they have not taken the time to look at exactly how much they are spending on printed items.”

Frequently Asked Questions
How does Patented Financial Controls differ from NewlineNoosh, EFI, Cirqit, Ariba and other online system providers? All of these firms provide systems that offer savings and process improvements. Patented Financial Controls is different, because our patented management process guarantees maximum sustainable savings without sacrificing quality or service. Our process saves 40% more in measurable hard-dollars than the best methods used by others.

How is this different from the competitive procurement that I’m already doing? Unless you are utilizing our patented management process, you are not receiving the maximum sustainable savings you deserve. With our process, you get the absolute lowest price from your own preferred suppliers.

What about savings through a long-term negotiated contract? Negotiated contracts are hard to enforce and time-consuming to draft and manage. The administrative cost of contractual purchasing can negate any short-term savings. Many print contracts contain built-in price escalations and service costs. Savings made today soon disappear as prices escalate and change-orders kick in. Contractual purchasing locks you into a position where you are unable to benefit from dynamic (day-to-day) price fluctuations and over-capacity in the print marketplace. Beyond price issues, you incur additional risk when using a single-source supplier. You suffer the consequences when the supplier experiences a catastrophe, strike, natural disaster, financial difficulty, or accidentally drops a wrench into a press.

Can I receive benefits by using a print broker? While print brokers can perform worthwhile value-added services, you can obtain those same services for far less. The goal of a print broker is not to save you money but to generate a wide pricing spread between what the broker charges you and what the broker pays the printer. This is expensive and can negatively impact your quality and service.

Can I achieve maximum savings through reverse auctions? Reverse auctions save money on large commodities. Print is a customized manufactured product and not a commodity. Although reverse auctions can be utilized for large jobs with complete and unchanging specifications, the average print job is less than $5,000 with specifications that are often amended during production.

Source: Patented Financial Controls


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