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Spanish Pharmaceutical Company Completes Product Testing & Places Order For Smartcool Technology

Smartcool's 'Green Technology' Just the Tonic

Smartcool Systems Inc. (TSXV: SSC), is pleased to announce the order and successful completion of testing, of its Energy Savings Module™ by FAES FARMA a Spanish based pharmaceutical company. The project and installation was coordinated by Enertek Innovacion, S.L., the Spanish sub-distributor of TECC Services Ltd. d.b.a. Smartcool Systems Ltd.

The testing of this air conditioning application took place over a six week period and resulted in 30% savings with respect to electricity consumption providing significant financial and environmental benefits without compromising the temperature performance of the facility. This saving was seasonally adjusted and annualized to a saving of 75,600 kWh. The environmental benefits were estimated to be a reduction of 165,000lbs of Greenhouse Gas Emissions which equates to planting 15 acres of new trees or enough electricity to supply 25 homes annually.

Founded in 1933, FAES FARMA is a Spanish Pharmaceutical company, with over 700 employees, dealing mainly with the manufacture and marketing of pharmaceutical products and raw materials for pharmaceutical use. The FAES Group has operations in over 50 countries with major offices in Madrid and Lisbon as well as its headquarters, primary research & development centre and manufacturing facility in the Biscayan city of Leioa.

TECC, Smartcool's European distributor, has been selling and supporting Smartcool's energy efficient technology since 1989 and developed a very strong client base including Tesco Supermarkets, Marks & Spencer, Apple Computers and Telefonica. Through their sub-distributor Enertek Innovacion, TECC are building momentum in the Spanish marketplace and are receiving favourable feedback with respect to Smartcool's ESM™ technology.

"The results from our testing are very encouraging. A 30% saving in electricity consumption generates a significant financial advantage for our client," states Steven Martin, Director of TECC Services Ltd. "Energy costs are usually in the top three expenditures for many of our clients and generating significant savings in electricity consumption is reflected very favourably on their bottom line."

"Corporate decision makers are realizing the financial benefits created by Smartcool's ESM™," adds George Burnes, President of Smartcool Systems Inc. "Most people think of the "cost" of implementing environmental initiatives but Smartcool have a technology, in the ESM™, which not only helps to reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions but provides significant economic savings."

About Smartcool:
Smartcool Systems Inc. is an advanced energy savings solutions company specializing in energy and cost reduction technologies for commercial and retail businesses. The company's wholly owned subsidiary, Smartcool International Inc., is the owner, developer, manufacturer and worldwide distributor of the System 4000 Energy Saving Module™. This green technology reduces the electricity consumption (kWh) and maximum demand (kW) of air conditioning and refrigeration compressors. Rather than replacing existing equipment, the ESM™ 4000 works in conjunction with existing controls in order to ensure that compressors work at maximum efficiency, while maintaining preset temperature levels and without causing over-cycling.

Rising global energy demand is resulting in significant increases in energy prices. Environmental concerns are causing both government and industry to re-examine the way they do business. Smartcool provides companies with solutions to address the growing pressure to reduce energy costs, increase profits and reduce green house gas emissions. For more information, please visit

Source : Smartcool

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