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ASPEED Software Expands to Europe

NEW YORK----July 19, 2005--
Makes Strategic Investment in European GRID Computing Market With ViewPoint Software Partnership

ASPEED(TM), the global leader in GRID-enabling solutions and Ireland-based ViewPoint Software Limited (VPSL) today announced the signing of a reseller partnership to deliver on the promise of GRID computing for European companies.

The agreement reflects the increasing demand for a solution that can accelerate the migration of business-critical, legacy applications to GRID-enabled and distributed environments. Working together, ViewPoint and ASPEED will deliver unprecedented access to the power of distributed computing for even the most computationally intense applications, leveraging ASPEED's ACCELLERANT(TM) software to move notoriously non-parallel, non-distributed legacy applications to commodity processor GRIDs quickly, cost effectively and with minimal risk.

ViewPoint Software Ltd is a leading provider of Web-based eBusiness solutions for small and medium-sized businesses located in the UK and Ireland. With this announcement, ViewPoint is expanding its offerings to address the growing market for GRID-enabling solutions.

"Until now, the move to GRID has not been a realistic proposition for many organizations," said Russell Cunningham, founder of VPSL. "We're excited to bring the ACCELLERANT solution to European companies who want to put GRID computing to the test and know that they will find that the performance improvements, fault-tolerance, potential cost savings and projected ROI speaks for itself."

ASPEED's ACCELLERANT is used by financial services, pharmaceutical and other organizations that rely on complex applications to leverage new multi-CPU, cluster and GRID configurations, while ensuring predictable and highly-scalable run times. The software provides an expedient path to significantly reducing time-to-decisions, handling exponentially higher volumes and delivering more fine-grained analysis for higher precision, while using more cost-effective distributed Linux and Windows-based cluster or GRID configurations.

"GRID technology acceptance in Europe is still trailing the United States, partially because of the re-engineering efforts required to leverage the underlying infrastructure," said Greg Ammirati, vice-president, worldwide field operations for ASPEED Software. "Our partnership with ViewPoint Software promises to change the perception and efforts of the resource investments involved and help European customers fast-track the "cost-saving/performance-boosting" GRID implementations of legacy applications."

About ViewPoint Software Limited (VPSL)

ViewPoint Software Ltd. was founded by Russell Cunningham in 2004 following a 20-year career in programming and I.T. to offer a wide range of bespoke web-based eBusiness solutions for small and medium sized businesses located in the UK and Ireland.

ViewPoint Software Ltd favours the use and promotion of open source software (such and php and mySQL) as this enables the offering of high-value/low cost solutions to its Clients. The firm works with a variety design and development partners to deliver projects for its clients. For more information, please visit

About ASPEED Software

ASPEED Software Corporation is a privately held, venture funded software company based in the heart of New York City with development centers in New York and London.

ASPEED's value proposition is to enable clients with computationally intensive applications to significantly reduce response time and reduce run times. Using ASPEED's ACCELLERANT software enables its users to quickly adapt their existing application to use less expensive and newer hardware technologies in multi-processor, cluster and grid configurations. ACCELLERANT's algorithm-aware API enables the distribution of applications thought by many as "undistributable," improving competitiveness, productivity and accuracy of the analysis and to participate in company cluster and grid activity. For more information, please visit

source : Sapeed

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