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Resolution Partners With SAP Services Provider MyITgroup Ltd.; Companies to Develop Rules-Based Solutions That Extend Value of SAP Investments

AUSTIN, Texas----June 29, 2005--Resolution EBS, the provider of the only business rules engine (BRE) built from the ground up for interactive front office applications and processes that reduce costs and raise revenue opportunities, announced it is partnering with Houston-based MyITgroup Ltd., a nationally recognized SAP Services Partner. Together, the two companies will develop rules-based front office solutions for customers looking to further extend the value of their SAP implementations out to the front of their value chain. MyITgroup specializes solely on providing professional services for SAP users. Currently, the company supports some 300 clients through its three divisions, Workforce, Solutions, and Outsourcing.

" Our experience serving SAP clients indicates there is a lot of opportunity to provide applications that extend SAP to the front of the value chain," said Erik Axton, MyITgroup Managing Director. "Resolution makes a perfect partner to team with on developing such solutions because they bring experience in building applications specifically for the front of the value chain. Their rules-based approach is innovative and unique. They have differentiated rules technology which they bring to bear in a very rapid and cost-saving way for customers."

One of the first projects the two companies will work on is a Web-based product configuration and order application leveraging SAP data. MyITgroup will oversee the integration between the SAP system and the Resolution-powered application. Resolution's BRE will generate the portal application based on its rule technology, which, among things, ensures the accuracy of the order. In addition, the application will offer product guidance to customers as they move through the order entry process, directing them to optimum selections.

Closing the loop, Resolution will then deliver the order information back into the SAP application, making sure there is enterprise consistency and accuracy of customer order information.

Resolution's patented rule technology, the Resolution Interactive Rules Platform(TM) (Resolution iR), is used by leading companies to generate solutions that provide the agility to respond quickly to the onslaught of competitive, business, technology and regulatory changes. These solutions range from interactive rating portals to responsive call center scripting, to web-based multichannel solutions that ensure consistency across selling channels. With the industry's smallest engine footprint, Resolution iR is ideal for direct customers as well as ISVs and SIs looking to embed or integrate interactivity and agility into their solutions.

"We look forward to working with MyITgroup," said Resolution CEO Peter Klante. "Their extraordinary SAP experience, expertise and reputation, when combined with our rules knowledge, will bring powerful SAP functionality to SAP users. It's a pleasure to work with such a well-respected organization to bring significant innovation and value to the marketplace."

About Resolution EBS

Resolution EBS Inc. enables companies to raise profitability and service levels through its Resolution Interactive Rules Platform. With the Resolution Interactive Rules Platform, companies streamline mission-critical interactive business activities that have previously eluded automation due to overwhelming, complicated or frequently changing decision logic. Through its unique, patented technology, Resolution enables decision logic to be more understandable and maintainable for the business analyst, scalable and easily integrated for IT, and interactive and portable for the end user. For more information, go to

About MyITGroup Ltd.

Operating exclusively in the SAP marketplace, MyITgroup Ltd. supports the SAP initiatives of more than 300 clients, including global corporations, government agencies, mid-market companies and small businesses. MyITgroup offers a full suite of professional services including quality resources, application solutions and outsourced services. Its three divisions -- Workforce, Solutions and Outsourcing -- are focused on SAP's highest value solutions, with dedicated practices in SAP BI/BW, NetWeaver, CRM, SRM Enterprise Portals, XI and upgrades.

Headquartered in Houston, the company has multiple delivery and development centers in the United States as well as in Bangalore, India. For more information on MyITgroup, visit

source : resolution EBS
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