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Whitesell Corporation Simplifies Reporting Process with Clarity Systems and Microsoft Analysis Services

Toronto, June 30, 2005 – Clarity Systems, a world leader in business intelligence (BI) and corporate performance management (CPM), announced today that Whitesell Corporation, a market leading global sourcing & manufacturing company, has implemented Clarity Performance Management on Microsoft Analysis Services to help simplify its reporting process.

“We needed a solution that could provide better financial reporting and data visualization, better overview of our history comparative, better security and eliminate time spent manually building financials,” says Gene Thigpen, financial analyst, Whitesell Corporation. “We selected Clarity Systems because its solution, Clarity Performance Management, had all the functionality we wanted yet allowed us to remain within the project’s cost parameters.”

Clarity Performance Management and Microsoft Analysis Services have allowed Whitesell Corporation to fine tune its financial statements through increased reporting and monitoring.

“We weren’t familiar with Microsoft Analysis Services before partnering with Clarity Systems since we are an Oracle based organization, but it is the most versatile package I have ever seen and we are all very excited with its possibilities,” says Thigpen. “The dynamics of Microsoft Analysis Services and its data manipulation are far reaching, making it a truly incredible package that is going to highly advance our ability to filter, segregate and analyze data from all our systems.”

“The sophisticated integration of Clarity Performance Management and Microsoft Analysis Services will help Whitesell Corporation focus less on data manipulation and more on analyzing the actual data itself, helping it make more informed business decisions,” says Marc Altshuller, vice president Marketing, Clarity Systems. “In the past year, Clarity Systems and Microsoft have closed significant deals together which we hope to continue throughout 2005. Our Microsoft partnership provides Clarity with the opportunity to improve customer offerings and drive revenue as we continue to develop this partnership and offer unique solutions for the corporate performance management market."

About Whitesell Corporation
Whitesell Corporation is a market leading Global Sourcing & manufacturing company that provides comprehensive procurement and logistic integration for virtually all lower value class C components including specialty engineered fasteners and wireform products.

About Clarity Systems
Clarity Systems ( delivers Corporate Performance Management software solutions for financial budgeting, planning, reporting, consolidation and analytics. Clarity Systems’ real-time, Web-based solutions enable improved corporate accountability and financial performance across the organization. Clarity Performance Management, the firm’s flagship product, is a single integrated application that offers the flexibility, security and control needed to meet compliance requirements and make more informed business decisions. Clarity Systems customers include large and medium sized global companies such as Adelphia Communications, Alcon, Victoria’s Secret and Wells Fargo. The firm can be reached at 1.877.410.5070.

Source : Clarity Systems

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