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How to cut energy costs - Energy Cost Savings Initiatives

Energy cost savings and Energy Efficiency Improvement Best Practices

Spanish Pharmaceutical Company Completes Product Testing & Places Order For Smartcool Technology

DTE Energy Offers Tips to Save Energy and Manage Heating Bills This Winter

USA Technologies Closes a $425,000 VendingMiser Sale; Demand for Energy Management Technology Grows as Energy Crisis Shows No Sign of Easing

Prepare Now Before Winter Drives Up Energy Costs

Atmos Energy Sets New Standard for Rapid and Cost-Efficient Implementation with Comprehensive Indus Solution; Nation's Largest Natural Gas Provider Builds Customer Satisfaction While Cutting Costs

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital Partnership with ConEdison Solutions and NYSERDA Delivers Substantial Energy Savings; Conservation Investments in Joint Projects Reduce Energy Costs by More Than $745,000 Annually

Office Buildings in China and India Save 15-25 percent from No-cost/Low-Cost Energy Saving Measures

High-quality Beru ignition and general electrical vehicle components help to save fuel

Careless Computing Costs UK PLCs Millions on Energy Bills; Computacenter Research Finds Top 200 UK Companies Waste Huge Volumes of Non-Renewable Energy Through Inefficient IT

School District Recognized as Leader in Energy Management

Business Owner Cuts His Electricity Bill by 23 Percent by Using Online Technology Monthly Savings of $1,200

Climate Savers Computing Initiative launches $10 million request for investment proposals to advance sustainable transportation solutions


Streetlight - Energy saving, reduced maintenance costs increased lighting service and safety/security for your Outdoor Lighting networks

Eastman Recognized by Two Organizations for Energy Efficiency Efforts

Putting Waste to Work: Chevron and the City of Millbrae Turn Kitchen Grease Into Biogas to Power Wastewater Treatment Plant

Telkonet Wins $3.8 Million Energy Management Contract with InTown Suites

Enhanced automation has helped Hewlett-Packard achieve $1.5 million in annual energy savings

Six typical cost reduction examples : raw materials and supplies; water and waste water; energy; waste management; transport and travel; and packaging

In order to scientifically and precisely verify the energysaving properties of energy-control window film, CPFilms Energy Solutions Division joined forces with ESC) to mount a clearly defined and controlled research trial

How to Increase Tractor Fuel Efficiency

Union Pacific Engineers Rewarded for Saving Fuel

An Innovative California Vineyard Finds Alternate Energy Technology Ripe for Picking

Case Study - Newtown Community Recreation Center - Honolulu - needed to replace their aging HID Tennis, Volleyball and BasketballCourt lighting system use , and asked their Construction Engineer who contacted Tom Brennan of ECO-LITE to bring in the best solution, that would save energy, and improve lighting quality

Faced with increasing energy costs at its downtown Philadelphia campus, Thomas Jefferson University selected Constellation Energy Projects & Services Group (CEPS) to identify, coordinate and implement facility improvements that would significantly reduce energy expenses.

Union Pacific Saves Fuel While Increasing Efficiency

Airlines : Mitigating The High Price of Fuel

Client: A manufacturer of automotive supplies in the Midwest region of the United States engaged NUS to review its electricity service agreements and invoices.

Reducing the "Slow Burn" - United States

A refuse recycler located in the United States engaged NUS to review its energy expenses

Bison Transport – Winnipeg, Manitoba

The London Police Service - London, Ontario

Bell City Transport Systems Inc.

Cornwall Transit – Cornwall, Ontario - Mid-Sized Transit Service Helps Change Thinking About Natural Gas

Robert Q Airbus - London, Ontario - Propane Delivers Fuel-Cost Savings for Shuttle Operator

Six typical cost reduction examples : raw materials and supplies; water and waste water; energy; waste management; transport and travel; and packaging

Improvements save Mercy Medical Center in Roseburg $71,300 annually in energy costs. Teamwork, cost-conscious, long-term planning and implementation make this hospital a model for the BetterBricks’ new High Performance Hospital Partnership.

Four Times Square - ENERGY SAVINGS:20841269 kWh/year

Comerica Building - Enhanced automation allows Macanan Investments to track energy use and demand for each tenant

Hewlett-Packard Office Campus-Enhanced automation has helped Hewlett-Packard achieve $1.5 million in annual energy savings

Staples, Inc. Retail Stores-Enhanced automation allows Staples to shed 2.8 MW across 119 stores from a single location

Johnson and Johnson -The Pharmaceutical Research Institute in La Jolla, California building are systems for limiting energy waste associated with its 92 fume hoods and its air handling

Mission Foods Production Facility-Tortilla Manufacturing Produces Energy-Saving Opportunities

Victory Valley Water District, Administrative Facility-Public Agency Demonstrates Resource Efficiency Through Innovative Design

City of Santa Ana, Police Facility

Energy Cost Saving white papers & guides

Energy Efficiency Improvement and Cost Saving Opportunities for the Vehicle Assembly Industry

Energy Scavenging for Mobile and Wireless Electronics

JouleSort: A Balanced Energy-Efficiency Benchmark

MAID for Green: Energy Conservation With Fujitsu ETERNUS Storage Systems

Guide to No Cost and Low Cost Energy Saving Measures

HP can show you how to reduce energy costs and environmental impact, while increasing computing performance - Creating energy-efficient data centers for sustainable business outcomes : This 8-page white paper describes how HP can help you create energy-efficient data centers for sustainable business outcomes

Cost-saving technology for today - bringing practical energy-efficient and pollution-preventing solutions to U.S. industry

Saving $$$ on Energy Bills

LogicaCMG study reveals consumer attitudes to energy usage amidst escalating costs

The Devil You Know - France

Gas Rumblings - Germany


The Price of Oil or the Tip of the Iceberg: What the Peaking of Global Oil (Peak Oil) Production Means to Boone

Navigating Energy Management: A Roadmap for Business

How to Reduce energy costs ?

Fuel cell Vehicles

Why is fuel economy important ?

Alternative Fuel Vehicles

How to be Penny Wise, Not Pump Fuelish

The 2006 Fuel Consumption Guide provides fuel consumption and related information about model year light-duty vehicles, including passenger cars, pickup trucks, vans, special purpose vehicles and
alternative fuel vehicles

Guide to energy conservation for business

Gas Prices and the Impact of Inflation

Energy-Saving and Cost-Saving - Resources for Nonprofits

A Red-Letter Year for Green Vehicles: Gasoline-Powered SUV Earns Spot on "Greenest Vehicles of 2005" List

Rising Jet Fuel Prices Hamper Airline Industry's Extraordinary Cost-Cutting Efforts

The Home Energy Saver Answer Desk (Source : Home Energy Saver)

Blue Line Transportation Ltd. – Hamilton, Ontario

FleetSmart Profiles: Highway Trucking

Online Calculator

Find and Compare Cars - Use's Find and Compare Cars section to find the most fuel efficient vehicle that will meet your needs. Even within a size class, there is a tremendous range of MPGs to choose from. For example, similar 2006 model year compact cars range from 20 to 40 MPG. Choosing the 40 MPG car could save you hundreds of dollars in fuel costs each year.

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