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How to reduce travel costs ?

Travel spending cost savings Best Practices

Apptricity extends expense management with Expedia Corporate Travel® integration

New AirPlus/RADIUS Partnership Offers Shareholder Agencies Value and Cost Savings

Carson Wagonlit Travel manages business travel for BASF in EMEA

Acquisition doubles client’s air spend; CWT discovers $650,000 in incremental savings

Travel Best Practice Category Management

Automobile manufacturer maximizes airline offerings and identifies $664,000 in incremental savings

Beverage manufacturer saves 6.2% the first year by increasing advance purchases

British Sky Broadcasting Group - Media Giant Simplifies Travel Processes Using GetThere

Best Practice / Case Study - A Pre-Trip Approval, Pre-Paid Travel Program at Cavalier Telephone

Nikon Precision using Expedia ® Corporate Travel to better manage costs

Six Flags - Driving savings with a managed travel program

Consulting company saves $4 million by improving discounts and minimizing losses

Enterprise-wide travel and meeting solution provides global software leader control and savings

Detailed assessment pinpoints $1,367,000 in incremental savings for microprocessing leader

EDS Leading IT Company Cuts The Bottom Line Using GetThere For Online Booking

Energy leader gains insight through measurement and benchmarking, saving $5 million-plus

Financial services company negotiates savings of $253,000 and provides better coverage for its travelers

Financial services leader optimizes discounts, uncovers $6 million in savings

General Electric Company - Online Booking System Helps Centralize Global Corporate Travel Program

Huron Consulting Group Creates Successful Online Travel Program

13% incremental increase in advance purchase saves medical pioneer $312,000

Industrial manufacturer saves $1 million and identifies opportunity to save $3 million more

Industrial manufacturer saves additional 29% by adding CWT-recommended carrier

Insurance company identifies over $330,000 in incremental savings, increases market coverage by 12%

Eastman Kodak Company Snapshot of a Successful Online Travel Program

IT company identifies $440,000 in annual savings potential

Process improvement leader saves immediate $60,000 identifies 6% annual savings potential

Proposal analysis and negotiations save energy company $1.7 million

QBE European Company Operations, International Insurance Company Streamlines Travel Online

Strict client criteria used to create customized reports and track savings

The American Medical Association Moves Business Travel Online

Computer Associates transforms corporate travel with Travelocity Business

Extreme Networks reduces travel costs by 40 percent with Travelocity Business

Travelocity Business, Lockheed Martin reach a new level of corporate travel management

How Cisco Uses Live Broadcasts and Video on Demand to Save Cost of Onsite Meetings

Cisco Unified Contact Center enables Cisco to control costs and provide better service for employee events and travel worldwide

World's Largest Commercial Aircraft Manufacturer Aligns Processes, Cuts Costs, and Satisfies Employees With SAP Travel Management

Rohm and Haas cuts travel with IBM Lotus Sametime solution

Coronation Fund Managers: Expenses in financial services

Bank of America Global Treasury Services to Offer Concur Technologies' On-Demand Expense Reporting Solution

Gapconsulting: Consultants based at client sites

Expedia Corporate Travel Europe uses KDS for its online corporate travel services

KDS Helps Henkel Reduce Travel Expenditure and Provides Added Services to Travelers

Otsuka Pharmaceuticals: A complete solution in the Pharmaceuticals industry

Six typical cost reduction examples : raw materials and supplies; water and waste water; energy; waste management; transport and travel; and packaging

Maleon: An engineering consultancy implements an expenses solution

Joraph Consulting: Recharging Expenses to Consultancy Clients

iPass: Rapid implementation of an expenses solution in a small organisation

BP Books Corporate Travel on KDS

VEOLIA’s corporate travel budget in France (Company’s head office) is an expense item that represents 30 to 35 million euros. The objective with the SBT solution is to manage 75% of this budget on-line by the end of 2006

Travel spending cost savings White Papers - Reports & Analysis

Travel Management Strategies for Operational and Procurement Improvement

Corporate Travel Card Benchmark Survey

The Benefits Of Conference Calling for Businesses

Bringing Value To Low Cost Carriers

Eight Trends Affecting Transportation Technology

The Effects of Electronic Ticketing On Revenue Accounting

SITA : 7th Airline IT Trends Survey – 2005

Why It Pays to Put Capital Expenditures on Your Business Card

Low-Cost airlines in Europe

Expedia Corporate Travel's New Tools and Technology Increase Business Travel Cost-Savings, Convenience and Comfort

En Route to a Low-Cost industry

A comparison of the level of the taxation, subsidies and charges for aviation and for other transport modes in Germany, France and the United Kingdom

Airlines Industry outlook improving - but still a long way to go


Winning at the margin - The impact of low-cost carriers in Asia

Economic consideration of extending the EU ETS to include aviation - THE EUROPEAN LOW FARES AIRLINE ASSOCIATION (ELFAA)

Liberalisation of European Air Transport: - The Benefits of Low Fares Airlines to Consumers, Airports, Regions and the Environment

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