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VoIP - Voice over IP Cost Cutting solutions

VoIP : Voice over IP cost cutting Best Practices

Katun - Efficient Management and Cost Savings Drive Transition to IP Communications

Retailer Boosts Wireless VoIP Connectivity, Reduces Expenses with 3Com® Unified Switch and Access Points


INDEVCO Reduces Operating Costs With Nortel IP Solutions

Alcan Engineering savings and efficiencies with NEC and IP

ASG reduces cost wih voip solution

Sparkasse Bamberg - Significant cost-saving by simplification of the nets and less maintenance costs

Finnish Ministry of Justice - Cisco-based IP telephony services have generated huge cost savings

Memorial Health Services Achieves a Healthy Cost Savings with VXTracker

Cisco India IT successfully deployed a converged PSTN and VoIP infrastructure solution that allowed us to reclaim over $1 million dollars in equipment that can be redeployed in new facilities and will result in significant cost savings

Cisco Undertakes the Largest IP Telephony Deployment in Industry History

IP Telephony Management Best Practice

How Cisco IT planned and managed the large-scale global deployment of more than 54,000 IP phones in Cisco sites worldwide

High Quality, Low Cost IP Telephony Supports Growth of New Law Firm

Full IP Telephony and Unified Communication by Alcatel for the SAUR Group

Alcatel Success Story: BM Crédit-Agricole-Pyréenés-Gascogne

VoIP Access and Hosted IP Telephony Services Help Businesses Realize Cost Savings and Gain Productivity

University of Vienna Chooses TDMoIP : Solution Enables Convergent Voice and Data over Gigabit Ethernet Without Replacing Existing Telephony Equipment

Looking for one of the most communication savvy school districts in the United States? Visit the amazing Ridley School District in Folsom, Pennsylvania

Myriad Proteomics install converged voice and data network using Cisco IP phones and call managers on top of Foundry Network infrastructure, planning for future heavy data traffic

St Helens College Selects RAD’s TDMoIP to Deliver Voice and Data to Staff and Students

T-Systems Brazil Implements IP Telephony Solution from Avaya and Transforms Headquarters in Sao Paulo into a Technology Showcase

St. John‘s Hospital Deploys Wireless Voice over IP Network with Meru Wireless LAN System

Managing Complex IT Outsourcing - Partnerships

Lyris Case Study: CHUM Television and Lyris ListManager

ACH Food Companies Now Has Higher Quality Communication and Direct Cost Savings

Cellnet Telecommunications Group - Improving Customer Care and Reducing Costs with IP Telephony

Network Cost of Ownership: Benefits of Vendor Standardization - Financial Sector Case Studies

Network Cost of Ownership: Benefits of Vendor Standardization - Healthcare Case Studies

Network Cost of Ownership: Benefits of Vendor Standardization Manufacturing Case Studies

Network Cost of Ownership : Benefits of Vendor Standardization - Public Sector Case Studies

Network Cost of Ownership: Benefits of Vendor Standardization - Retail Case Studies


SOUTHTRUST BANK : Virtual PBX Created by Cisco IP Communications Solutions Yields Millions in Cost Savings, Platform for Growth, and User Satisfaction

ACH Food Companies - VoIP direct Cost Savings • Significant reduction in travel expenses to-and-from corporate headquarters for the sales team • Elimination of $45,000 in external PBX maintenance fees at headquarters alone • Elimination of $50,000 annually on inter-company calls to Mexico • Elimination of $35,000 annually for audio conferencing facilities • Significant reduction in the $100,000 per year the company currently spends on cell phone bills for its 85 regional salespeople

Ocwen Financial Corporation : cutting operating expenses by 54 percent since 2002

Ingersoll-Rand : Significantly reduced telephony infrastructure and conference call costs within first year of deployment

VoIP : Voice over IP cost cutting - White Papers & Guide

 Government Market Quick to Adopt VoIP and IP VPN Technology

 Building tomorrow’s IP network – introducing BT’s 21C Global Venture

 Essential Considerations for VoIP Migration - a Resource Guide

  Making The Business Case For IP-Telephony

● The Migration to VoIP - Cost Cuting Opex Capex

Unity migration brings cost savings and reduces management burden

TDMoIP - Slash Voice Costs over IP and TDM Networks

Voice over IP Manageability: Architecture Matters

Skype Expands Low-cost Global Rate to More Countries

Productivity and the IPC Business Case

Network Readiness For VoIP

EnterpriseVoIP Phone System Offers Huge Cost Savings and Sophisticated Features for Small to Large Companies

VoIP : Voice over IP cost cutting- Tools

Cisco IPC Cost Savings Calculator


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