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Full IP Telephony and Unified Communication by Alcatel for the SAUR Group

The SAUR group is a world

wide leader in utilities and
service management, with
23,000 employees and

subsidiaries in 16 countries,
and a 2003 turnover forecast
above 2.5 billion €.

The SAUR group is a fullyowned
subsidiary of the
Bouygues group, which covers
a variety of domains in 91
countries around the world
with a total workforce of
121,000: building and civil
works, roads, property, media
-with the media giant TF1
and the information channel
LCI, and telecommunication
with Bouygues-Telecom.
The Bouygues group is
headquartered in the
"Challenger" campus, southwest
of Paris.

En route to IP
telephony and Unified

In 2002, the SAUR group
confirmed the decision to
transfer 500 of their staff,
previously in three different
locations, to newly-built
premises on the Challenger
campus. One of the three locations
had already tested and
enjoyed some of the benefits
of IP telephony, so the
group decided to implement
the technology in their
new headquarter, and to
start taking advantage of
additional and innovating
services which could be
applied to full IP telephony.

In January 2003, a call for
tenders was sent out, and
the information system division
of the group designed an
evaluation grid comprised of
61 criteria. In August, the
group made their choice. In
technical terms, they decided
in favour of

-the Alcatel OmniPCX
Enterprise for the IP
telephony platform

-and the Alcatel OmniTouch
Unified Communication set
of applications for additional
converged services.

In product terms, the Alcatel
platforms offered an
unrivalled wealth of
applications, which could be
taken advantage of both
immediately and in the future.
However, beyond the quality
and expected performance
and reliability of the products
themselves, it was also very
important for the SAUR group
to trust the long-term
partnership existing between
Alcatel and ETDE, their
"Premium" Business Partner in
charge of the SAUR account.

Because of the presence of
many innovating features in
the set of products chosen by
the group, the very strong
commitment shown by both
the vendor and the integrator
behind the solution and its
implementation was another
key factor in the decision.
Additionally, the fact that
employees had previously
been satisfied with Alcatel
telephony equipment was also
a plus.

Price, architecture, openness,
standard-based options have
also been part of the decisive

Proofs of concept were
designed, developed and
deployed, and, slightly ahead
of schedule, the first

components of the system
were up and running in late
November 2003, for 'real'
users to start making the most
of them.

The commitment of the
SAUR group to the new
solutions and the trust in the
value they should deliver
have been such that the
management layers of the
group were the first ones
to be provided with the
innovating functionalities.

Meeting the challenges

In newly-built premises,
the fully homogeneous
telecommunication architecture
resulting from a 100% IP
telephony infrastructure offers
a number of advantages,
including single cabling, and
no extra costs resulting from
connections to PBXs. It also
makes the technical
implementation easy, and
users see very little change
in their day-to-day operation,
while new features can
be made available on an ad
hoc basis for various groups
of users. Ease of use,
improved information sharing
and communication, as well
as productivity gains are the
key drivers of the gradual
implementation of such
innovating features.

On the other hand, the
new features offered by the
solution can already be
integrated with components
of the existing application
and network environments
of the SAUR group. Further
integration will also be made
possible in the future.

The components of the

Full IP telephony with the
Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise
platform. The platform is the solution
for the implementation of
business -related
communications applications.
These applications are based
on enterprise-wide Web
services, next-generation
unified communications and
business process integration.
The Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise
platform is designed around
the following key concepts:
architectural flexibility, intelligent
networking, simplified
management, highest reliability
and improved customer

Unified Communication
with the Alcatel OmniTouch
Unified Communication
Coupled with the Alcatel
OmniPCX Enterprise platform,
such functionalities as My

Phone, My Messaging, My
Assistant (and soon My
Teamwork), the merging of all
communication media opens
up a whole new world of
functionalities for the benefit
of all.

The openness and
standard-based architecture
of the solutions implemented
for the SAUR group guarantee
the future seamless
integration of new communication
functions in their
existing environments:
telecommunication, networking
and applications…
The benefits for the SAUR

The benefits derived from the
implementation of the Alcatel
OmniPCX Enterprise platform
and Alcatel OmniTouch
Unified Communication
solutions can be broken down
into three categories:

Actual, tangible, "one-shot",
already achieved benefits
Obvious infrastructure benefits
and Returns On Investment
(ROI) include:
-very significant reductions in
cabling costs, for up to 600

-reductions in hardware costs:
the sharing of sophisticated
features can result in
segmented hardware choices,
with simple workstations

Recurring economies,
visible in Total Cost of
Ownership (TCO) terms, and
which have already started to
materialise for the SAUR
-Simplified management,
with one team only operating
and maintaining the telephony
and networking systems
-Reduced troubleshooting
costs and negative business
-Easier management of staff
transfers, changes, additions,
-Very limited training and
adaptation periods and costs,
including for "non-specialised"
members of staff
Other and future benefits
The implementation of the
new systems has been
remarkably smooth, fast and
easy from the technical
perspective. It is also qui
important for the SAUR
group that virtually no training
has been necessary for
users, and very limited
training only for system

This is a very clear
indication that, when new
and additional features are
made operational and
available for larger groups
of users, they will be quickly
taken advantage of across
the group headquarters and
beyond, so as to generate
further significant productivity
gains, thus resulting in
substantial increases in the
Total Economical Value
(TEV) derived from the
Unified Communication

A continuing and
successful relationship

ETDE, a recognised and longterm
Alcatel Business Partner,
has been at the heart of
the successful implementation
of the Alcatel technologies in
the SAUR group environment.
With innovation and
understanding of customer
needs being key components
of their corporate philosophy,
they have successfully
adapted the new Alcatel
offerings to the SAUR
group infrastructure. In
doing so, they have
welcome the commitment
and assistance provided by
the Alcatel R&D and technical
teams to really deliver on the

With the SAUR group being
part of the Bouygues
conglomerate, it is obvious
that the implementation and
deployment of full IP
telephony and Unified
Communication -and the
benefits derived from them,
are being considered with
great attention by Bouygues
Telecom, TF1 and its other
sister companies.

The SAUR group, ETDE, and
Alcatel are determined to
build an ever-improving set of
solutions based on the
flexibility of the technologies
at stake and the
understanding by all the
parties involved of real and
key business constraints and


-Manage the transfer of
500 staff and implement
new computing, network
and telecom environment for
them in newly-built location

-Implement full IP telephony
in newly-built premises and
reduce telecom costs

-Achieve a smooth
implementation of the
new systems

-Achieve a seamless integration
with existing application
and network environments

-Take advantage of IP telephony
applications at global
enterprise level

-Improve ease of use and
productivity of users through
wealth of applications


-Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise

-Alcatel OmniTouch Unified
Communication platform,

o My Phone
o My Messaging
o My Assistant

-Smooth technical implementation
-Strong reductions in set up costs
-Recurring savings in TCO
-Enhanced ease of use for all
categories of users

About ETDE

ETDE Réseaux et Communications, an Alcatel Premium
Business Partner, offers companies (small and medium-sized
firms and industries, major accounts, etc.) integrated
communication solutions, covering attentive local service,
identification of customer needs, advice and recommendations
on the best equipment and products, turnkey installation
and maintenance and operation. ETDE Réseaux et
Communications works on behalf of banks and insurance
companies, administrative bodies, municipalities and the
industrial and services sectors, providing its customers with
technical expertise and delivering optimises unified
communication solutions: voice/data/image convergence,
network super-vision, applications, telephone terminal
equipment, on-the-move solutions, private networks,
telework, wiring, optimisation of operator costs, etc.

Source : Alcatel


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