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Eight Trends Affecting Transportation Technology

The transportation industry is at an important era in history. Companies must become more agile and work smarter in order to be competitive. With fuel costs rising, consumers becoming more savvy, industry consolidation and airlines continuing to recover from post-9/11, how can technology help the travel industry work smarter and still provide the level of service its customers want?

Consumers Taking More Control
Travel distribution companies are coming to the forefront of the industry and putting pressure on competition. These companies provide deeper discounts, no service charges and a GDS (global distribution system) bypass. EDS provides a state of the art technology platform that allows these companies to work leaner and pass on the cost-saving benefits to the consumer.

The Rise of the Low-Cost Carrier
Today's era of the low-cost carrier airline is expected to continue with rapid growth providing deep cost-saving benefits to travelers. Low cost carriers are expected to attain 35 percent of the market over the next four to five years. The key to low-cost carriers' success is a combination of providing travel basics to the consumer while running on a lean and focused operating model.

Agile Transportation Companies – Now
As transportation enters a new era, it's imperative that technology moves ahead and becomes more efficient. Companies want to reduce dependency and spend on legacy system maintenance costs so that they may redirect their IT spend to prepare for the future. This goal is especially true for airlines, where maintenance costs are quickly approaching 85 percent, thus driving down the ability to invest in customer focused or competitive advantage activities.

Growth of Online Distribution Channels
With the growth of e-commerce, the average number of fares and pricing transactions to process per customer has doubled. Airlines need to move applications to newer more affordable technology in order to maintain pre e-commerce product cost levels. EDS' Fares system provides a more accurate fare quote for a better cost than most distribution services have been able to utilize in the past.

Outsourcing to reduce costs
As fuel prices continue to climb, the transportation industry feels the effect and often must pass along price increases. The transportation industry continues to look at ways to save money and still provide the same level of service consumers are accustomed to. More and more transportation companies are looking to reduce costs by outsourcing functions such as call centers, internal business processes and IT operations.

Security – Less but More

We all like the feeling of knowing that our travel is secure – but when will security go from being merely physical to intelligent IT activities? Airport officials at Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel , needed a solution to reduce passenger wait time for security clearance. EDS implemented an innovative biometric system that automated the process for low-risk, frequent travelers and freed up resources to focus on higher-risk travelers. The system utilizes smart card technology or a scan of the traveler's hand and/or retina photography to make a positive match. Once a traveler has been identified, he or she is free to clear through into the secured area thus cutting transit time from hours to minutes.

Mergers and industry consolidation continues

As the business landscape in the travel industry continues to change, mergers and acquisitions are quickly becoming an everyday occurrence across the entire transportation space. EDS utilizes application modernization and rationalization to ensure that merging companies' IT solutions are compatible and complementary to allow for a smooth IT transition.

Cargo and Port Security

U.S. Homeland Security officials have warned that the next terrorist attack could be launched through the country's cargo and port systems. EDS' Next Generation Cargo Security solution allows officials to track what's being sent, who the shipper and receiver are, where it's going and how it got there. In addition to the port system, RFID tags can help monitor freight trucks as they carry cargo across state lines.

Source : EDS




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