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With Oracle E-Business Suite Outsourcing, Customers Can Save 50% on IT Administration Costs And Product Support Time

Oracle Corporation, the world’s largest enterprise software company, today demonstrated continued momentum with more than 200 customers live on Oracle E-Business Suite Outsourcing. Companies are experiencing faster implementation times, lower costs and better service by using Oracle E-Business Suite Outsourcing. Kvaerner Pulping Inc., Power Division, one of the world’s leading suppliers of boilers and evaporation plants to the pulp and paper, and power industries, implemented the Oracle E-Business Suite as an outsourced service and has saved $1 million in inventory costs and lowered information technology administration costs by 31 percent.

Other customers such as Commercial Net Lease Realty, Inc. (CNLR) and Empirix also are reporting significant cost savings by using Oracle E-Business Suite Outsourcing. CNLR in particular anticipates saving more than $2 million in hardware, software and services costs over the next three years. Two years into the implementation, CNLR is already well on its way to achieving its financial goal. Empirix went live on Oracle E-Business Suite Outsourcing in 87 days and is saving more than $200,000 in information technology costs.

Kvaerner Pulping, Inc.
“ We moved to Oracle E-Business Suite Outsourcing and started seeing results right away. Not only did we save almost one million dollars, but we integrated our internal processes, resulting in improved business information,” said Woody Muth, director of IT for Kvaerner Pulping, Inc. “We now understand the big picture and from a management perspective, we are able to see the status of the company on a daily basis.”

Within three quarters of upgrading from an offline deployment of Oracle Applications 10.7 to Oracle E-Business Suite 11i Outsourcing, Kvaerner Pulp and Paper had reduced hardware and back-up system maintenance costs, minimized information technology resources and decreased inventory on hand, resulting in a 31 percent cost savings. Oracle’s Internet-enabled, fully-integrated solution also enabled Kvaerner to automate its order management, shipping and invoicing processes, resulting in immediate revenue recognition.

Commercial Net Lease Realty, Inc.
Selecting Oracle has enabled Commercial Net Lease Realty, Inc. (CNLR), a NYSE-listed real estate investment trust, to transform its business processes and create a flexible and scalable information technology environment that meets its acquisition and growth requirements. The decision to select Oracle was rooted in the cost, improved functionality and overall reliability of the applications. Based on a comprehensive three year cost analysis including hardware, software, professional services and continuing costs, CNLR anticipates a savings of US $2,041,668, or a return on investment of 136 percent. Along with cost savings and efficiency, CNLR cites the availability of real-time support using the hosted Oracle E-Business Suite model, ensuring a rapid and seamless implementation.

Empirix Inc.
Empirix, the leading provider of integrated test and monitoring solutions for web, voice and network applications selected Oracle E-Business Suite Outsourcing to simplify and transform its business processes. In just 87 days, Empirix worked with Oracle Consulting to implement Oracle Financials, Oracle Order Management, Oracle Inventory, Oracle Purchasing, and Oracle Human Resources Management System (HRMS). In addition to saving more than $200,000 in implementation costs, Empirix has been able to significantly streamline global business processes and improve operational efficiencies by using Oracle E-Business Suite Outsourcing.

Oracle E-Business Suite
To date, more than 1,500 companies are live on the Oracle E-Business Suite, the industry’s first integrated suite of Internet business applications that automates critical business processes across both front and back office operations. The Oracle E-Business Suite can streamline every area of a business -- marketing, sales, service, contracts, order management, product design, procurement, supply chain, manufacturing, financials, projects, human resources and professional services automation.

Since its initial introduction, Oracle has delivered several releases of Oracle E-Business Suite enhancements, resulting in a mature, function-rich set of applications. Oracle E-Business Suite also offers customers unprecedented choice and flexibility in implementing business applications; its open architecture and single data model allow
applications to be deployed as individual modules, business flows, or as an entire integrated suite. The Oracle E-Business Suite is offered as traditional software on CD ROMs or as an outsourced service.

Source : Oracle




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