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IBM Signs Major Strategic Outsourcing Deal With Zorlu Group

ISTANBUL, TURKEY - 28 Feb 2006: Leading Turkish industrial group, Zorlu, has signed a US $25 million, 7-year strategic outsourcing agreement with IBM. IBM will take over Zorlu's IT infrastructure, improving the efficiency of the Zorlu Group's IT operations and bringing expected cost savings of 30 per cent.

In terms of the contract, IBM will manage Zorlu's server infrastructure, networks and manufacturing software, migrating systems to IBM solutions. Zorlu Group will draw on IBM's research capabilities and benefit from IBM's expertise in micro-processors, storage and home technology software in product development.

Hamza Cihan Sari, Zorlu Holding CIO says Zorlu is one of the most innovative groups in terms of technology and efficiency. "Vestel, a Zorlu company, is developing many new technologies, mainly consumer electronics. Similarly, Zorlu Textile Group, Denizbank and Zorlu Energy Group are leading companies of their segments in terms of technology. This is an efficient way to manage our IT operations with the IBM team which has experience both in Turkey and globally," said Sari.

As part of the contract, IBM will also provide Zorlu with SAP operations, end-user support, network management services, data center operations management and hosting services.

"Many top companies like Zorlu are choosing to outsource their non-core functions to improve their competitiveness in the market," says IBM Turkey General Manager, Hüseyin Kiziltay. "IBM's global know-how across different sectors, combined with innovative technology helps us better understand our customers' needs. This way we can combine products, services and business consultancy as a package that will boost their business performance through improved efficiency.

About Zorlu
Founded at a small workshop in Denizli in 1953, today Zorlu Group is one of Turkey's most dynamic industrial groups with 30.000 employees. Zorlu Group, shown as one of the world's leading producers with the household textile produced at its integrated institution and includes Korteks, Linens ve TAÇ, has entered to consumer durables sector in 1994 by acquired Vestel and has become one of the world's largest TV producers. Investing into the energy sector in 1996 and carrying its investments to Israel and Russia under its Zorlu Energy Group companies today, the group entered to the finance market in 1997 with Denizbank. Denizbank became very successful in relatively short terms and announced by respectable global finance magazine the Banker's July 2005 issue as the "8th fastest growing bank in the world in terms of equity capital''

Source : IBM




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