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IBM annonce un nouveau programme de financement conçu pour les PME-PMI

07-02-2005 IBM Global Financing annonce un nouveau programme de solutions de crédit appelé IBM Financing Advantage. Grâce à cette initiative, les ingénieurs d'affaires et les partenaires commerciaux d'IBM peuvent désormais proposer à leurs clientsde n du secteur PME-PMI un financement des infrastructures technologiques plus simple, plus rapide et plus adaptés à leurs besoins. Le programme propose des tarifs compétitifs et simplifiés, un processus d'approbation des demandes de crédit très rapide couvrant des transactions, jusqu'à 300 000 euros. Le projet intègre des outils comme Rapid Online Financing, un service de financement web à destination des partenaires commerciaux, ou encore les programmes AutoQuote et Client Pre-Approval, qui permettent aux ingénieurs d'affaires et aux partenaires commerciaux d'accélérer les processus de financement.

Disponible en France, au Royaume-Uni, en Allemagne, IBM Financing Advantage est intégré à l'offre express d'IBM pour tout ce qui concerne le matériel, les logiciels et les services, IBM ou non IBM.


IBM Launches New Financing Programme Tailored to Small and Medium Businesses Worldwide

Paris, France, February 3, 2005 - IBM today announced the global launch of IBM Financing Advantage, a new financing programme for IBM sales representatives and Business Partners that will make IT financing simpler, faster, and more responsive for their small and medium business (SMB) clients.

IBM sales executives and Business Partners can now offer their SMB clients tailored, easy-to-understand contracts that respond to the unique and changing needs of their business. IBM Financing Advantage will be available in the UK, France and Germany as well as the USA, Canada, Australia and Japan for deals involving IBM or non-IBM hardware, software or services. The new programme offers competitive rates, a simple rate structure, and a credit approval process that targets contract delivery within one hour for deals up to $300,000. The enhancements are designed to significantly simplify the process of obtaining, proposing, closing, and funding IT financing deals under $300K to give greater speed, ease and convenience to mid-sized companies for their IT acquisitions. These enhancements are available through IBM's Rapid Online Financing (ROF) online web tool used by 1200 IBM Business Partners.

IBM Financing Advantage gives IBM a unique value proposition for the SMB market, including client pre-approval and AutoQuote, processes that empower IBM sellers and business partners to lead with financing and close deals faster.

Unlike larger companies, SMBs can be more cash and capital constrained. An option to lease or finance can help SMBs overcome those constraints and acquire more IT at affordable monthly rates. IBM Financing Advantage can help SMB clients lower their total cost of ownership, preserve credit and cash for strategic investments, and increase their flexibility in the marketplace. IBM Financing Advantage leasing options also responds to hardware obsolescence and equipment disposal issues. By financing with IBM, SMBs get expert advice and assistance from the IT industry's top financing resource and they also get a partner throughout the lifecycle of their technology investment.

Similarly, the IBM Financing Advantage programme offers multiple benefits to IBM Business Partners. It can improve their cash flow by helping them close deals more quickly. It can help maximize their profit potential by giving them direct access to the industry's most competitive rates. Finally, it provides a competitive advantage, helping Business Partners boost client satisfaction and client retention.

" Our IBM sales force and Business Partners around the world gave us a clear mandate: `make it simpler and faster to use financing to help our SMB clients acquire all of the technology they need,'" said Peter Matthews, general manager, IBM Global Financing Europe Middle East and Africa. "SMBs are often confronted with a very long decision cycle for their financing needs. Now, with IBM's web-based Financing Advantage, the process is nearly instantaneous."

" This strategy will be a way of adding value through improved efficiencies for both companies while building a stronger business relationship at the same time," said Gary Huff, CFO, Mainline Information Systems, an IBM Business Partner. "The changes are good examples of timely and value-added improvements in processes, not only for IBM and Mainline, but also for our clients."

" IGF is clearly positioning itself to overtake the competition in the SMB space. Avnet and our partners have already seen significant improvement in speed, ease and contract turnaround in 1-hour or less," said Lisa Friesenhahn, Director of Leasing, Avnet Partner Solutions. "We have won deals that never would have closed without this program."

IBM Financing Advantage will be a part of the IBM Express portfolio of hardware, software, service, and financing offerings designed, developed, and priced to meet the specific needs of clients in the SMB marketplace.

IBM Financing Advantage is available immediately in France, Germany and the UK and will be rolled out progressively in 2005 in other major European countries.

About IBM Global Financing
IBM Global Financing, the world's largest information technology financier, offers businesses of all sizes flexible leasing and financing programmes that enable them to acquire hardware, software, and services from IBM and other vendors. IBM Global Financing has a worldwide asset base of nearly US$36 billion and delivers financial services to 125,000 clients in more than 40 countries.

Source : IBM

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