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V--i--d--e--o.com : What is it ?

What is it ?

V--i--d--e--o.com is a free web application to build any video from pictures text and external audio sources. V--i--d--e--o.com it's not YAOA (Yet another video editor online App), It's really different. It's a KISS (keep it Simple for Stupid or Smart people) application for everyone even Dummies people. You don't need days of training to make your first video. You don't need working hours around video timeline, video transition effects and so on... to create your own video. It's probably the fastest and the easiest tool to make a video online for free. But let us know if you find a simpler one.

why ?

why an other online video editor ?

Time is precious and there is no better media than video to get straight to the point. Plain text is has been. It's not anymore effective as SEO content and 21 century belong millennials.

How much it cost ?

How much it cost ?

V--i--d--e--o.com web app is 100% free with no ads. We decided to add our URL link application at the end of each created video. You are free to remove it but if you spread the words, it will be great.

Browsers support

V--i--d--e--o.com Browsers support

V--i--d--e--o.com web app works fine with Chrome and Firefox on PC, tablet and smartphone. Just make sure to use the last browser update. We are working hard to support more browsers in the future.

How to start ?

How to start on V--i--d--e--o.com ?

- You can upload a background picture but it's not mandatory on the first slide.

- You can write a title. It will be display in black on a white board.

- You can write any phrase (40 char maximum each).

- If you write a sentence longer than 40 characters it will be display in a smaller font on a black board.

- You can draw what you want with your mouse or your finger.

- You can copy & paste small images as a text illustration. This will be displayed where your mouse or finger are last pointed.

- You can cancel the last add on the screen and back to the previous step.

How it works?

How V--i--d--e--o.com works?

upload button V--i--d--e--o.com works? Upload background image any size. It's optional for the the first slide.

cancel button V--i--d--e--o.com works? Cancel the last text, pic or draw that you did and go back to the previous step.

OFF RECORD button. Click to start recording what you oet on the sreen. You can add a voice comment or any external audio source. You can also continue to upload a new pic, add text or copy/past images. But attention, everything will be recorded in live and you can't cancel it.

ON RECORD button. Silence you are On Air. Everything is recorded.

PAUSE recording button. Click on this button will stop the recording. You can now take your time to make a new slide : upload a mew pic, add text or copy/past small icons or images. When il all right, just record it again.

Draw what you want with your mouse or your finger. Turn off this button to stop drawing.

You are done, congrats ! Click on this button to download your video.

Privacy 100%

V--i--d--e--o.com Privacy rules

V--i--d--e--o.com is a Client-side Web application. It's means than all what you do on your PC, smartphone, tablet stay on your device. We don't store anything on our server. Your are free and responsible to create any videos. All your files remain confidentials and private. Morever we don't track you.